Weekly Session #12 Post: The Final One…

The journey of ADED 1P32 this term has been interesting where I have explored many, many new tools and learnt the positive side of the Internet. I have learnt how to be a digital citizen and because of that learnt to enjoy Internet a little bit instead of always being scared of it. I learnt that the reason it was originally created is actually quite wonderful and not as miserable as it has become because of all the misuse. I learnt about digital footprint and the way to create a positive one is to engage in positive activities on the Internet and never to misuse it. I also learnt that as important as it is to enjoy the Internet it is just as important to use it in a positive way and to be cautious of the negativity that could result from using the Internet and its different tools. I think the one thing that I am going to share with people around me is tell them about the digital footprint and that every time we use any digital device including TV and mobile phones in addition to computers and the Internet all add to our digital footprint. Thank you Candace and thank you ADED 1P32 for educating me so much about the Internet and teaching me how to be a good digital citizen.

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Weekly Session #11 Post: Podcasts and Screencasts

I learnt that every work that we share on the Internet should be protected under the creative commons copyright label so that we can protect our work against those peoples who take our work and do not give the appropriate credit. And part of being a digital citizen I would think includes protecting our work against any misuse and also giving appropriate credit to the original creators. I am learning that the principles a good citizen follows in real life are all the same ones that a citizen needs to follow in order to be a good digital citizen in addition to following the rules of netiquette.  I think I can add podcasts and screencasts to my PLE and with that create the category of “creation” because a podcast or screencast can be used to create tutorials or lectures or really anything that could be created with voice and doesn’t require people to show their faces. I have a Mac and I’ve had the opportunity thus to play around with garageband, and I really enjoy listening to the pre-loaded tunes in the magic gargeband.

So since it’s almost exam time, I found a great blog post about the importance of sleep, so hopefully having read the blog post, we all will be more inclined to sleep at least a little bit during exam period!

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Module 8: Blog Transformation

Last post of the course!! And I had chosen to create a Storify article on quotes I enjoy reading and really a philosophical article with quotes on life, positivity, education and just any topic that interests me. So now I have added a twitter account with many followers that posts quotes, words of wisdom, aspirations, and added links to websites where there are many, many famous quotes to browse through, something for everyone and every occasion. The reason I love reading quotes is because they are words of wisdom to me, words that I can learn something from, and words that give me something to think about because I really enjoy thinking of things that I would like to change about myself and things that I could do differently in order to be a better person. I personally really like to learn from other people’s experiences so I thought that this would be a good idea for my storify article. 

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Weekly Session #10 Post: Experience with SlideRocket

So this week’s session I think was the toughest to complete! I was at it all day and after this blog I still have to complete the other blog for this week!! Firstly, I couldn’t find pictures, and then eventually after many hours of struggling and with help from Phil J. I finally was able to find morgue file from which I found free pictures with no restrictions on copyrighting. Then I started off by using Animoto and then it wouldn’t allow me to upload a picture because it was “too big”, now how am I supposed to make the size of a picture small enough to upload, how frustrating! So I tried out SlideRocket, it wasn’t bad except all this trouble made me think why not just use PowerPoint, its tried and tested and doesn’t have any restrictions and I don’t have to buy this or buy that to do this or do that. Then embedding was a problem, wordpress doesn’t allow to embed and so I really hope that the way I did it actually works in this blog, or by Gosh, I would be upset. All these weeks of smooth sailing with all the different technological tools and boom this week I hit a dead end (well kind of, the link to my presentation better work). I guess this is how technology is, kind some days and real evil other days.

SlideRocket Presentation

At the end of this week, I don’t think I would add Animoto or SlideRocket to my PLE, they aren’t very user friendly and nice to use, I miss PowerPoint!!! Hmm, I guess with this week’s exploration activities I could create a category of dislike tools in my PLE, do a little something different.

On a lighter note, I found an informative Google Feed Reader link this week (the upside to this week’s activities). The danger of all-nighters, I thought it would be interesting to share since final exams are creeping up, beware of the all-nighters!!!

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Module 8 Major Blog Post: Produsers and Produsage

I Like

* Image is courtesy of Google images*

“The notion, then, of a “produser” in Bird’s article is of utmost importance: will the future of the digital era be defined by masses of peer-to-peer interactions that end up generating content or will the online masses simply consume what is delivered to them according to whatever is deemed to be most marketable?” (Bradley, 2013)

I think a produser is someone who is motivated and not afraid to share his or her thoughts in the digital world and engages in productive conversations in which they are generating new content. I think that we all continuously learn more about how to contribute to the world through social media as time goes by. Therefore, I think in the future we will all be produsing more new content and taking to social media platforms to voice our concerns and thoughts about making change, as there are constantly so many issues in the world that require our attention, and what better way to make a change than by raising awareness using social media. I think the public/the average person is slowly gaining the confidence just not to believe every word that is marketed to us and we are questioning it using social media such as Twitter and Facebook because those platforms are able to reach a lot of people in a very short amount of time. And interaction via social platforms is like a digital word of mouth, and word of mouth is the best way to spread information about a cause.

After exploring blogging on wordpress, Twitter, making a video and posting it on Youtube, podcasts, storify and Wikipedia, I feel like I understand the real point of social media more. To me, social media is a platform that absolutely anyone with Internet access can pour out their thoughts without having to feel as if there is no one to listen to them. Social media allows anyone with something to say an open ground to say it and express it, but as in real life, it is imperative to remember not to say anything that could be disrespectful to anyone or be rude. Social media is like a journal for thoughts, and ideas and advice that anyone could see, hear and read and also provide their thoughts on. I think that when we discuss pressing matters for example environmental concerns, and ways we can help save water, and electricity and paper and recycle more so that we can try to keep our Earth in a condition that would be fit for our future generations to live in. After really understanding the purpose of having social media and ignoring all the negative things that happen on social media platforms namely Facebook, social media is a wonderful thing because it promotes freedom of speech and expression. And now that I have found many other social platforms other than Facebook, as earlier I thought that social media meant Facebook and because of all the negative news that Facebook was associated with, I was always apprehensive of being an active member of social media platforms and after my positive experience in this course, I am most definitely more inclined to express my thoughts via blogging, and twitter even after this course has ended.

“We need to ask ourselves if the ways in which we interact online are indeed contributing to a more thoughtful and democratic social space of discussion and cultural production or, as Sterne worries, if they are simply chimeric, “value-added” components to the same old consumer-driven media models of the 19th and 20th centuries? It’s too early to say at this point, but it certainly makes the struggles and conflicts identified by Lunenfeld, Bird, and Lievrouw pertinent, if not crucial, issues to be considered as one engages with new and social media.” (Bradley, 2013)

I think my intimation of deprival regarding produsage is that whatever original content I was to post online actually makes a difference or impact. I believe it is important to continuously improve myself and help improve the space around me so my intimation is to continuously be productive and make some sort of change even if miniscule and even my thoughts reach one person and affect positively. Before being in this course, I never thought of social media as anything besides status updates and silly talk on Facebook, but now that I have learnt that social media can be used for much more other than silliness, my intimation is the challenge to actually use social media and generate original content and reach people and make a difference even if in a small way.

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Weekly Session #9 Post B: Digital Citizenship and Voice Thread…

I enjoyed viewing the class’s voice thread and I think it’s a wonderful tool to use in the way we used it in this class. I think for group projects we could create a slideshow and then have multiple people add verbal comments as commentary or a story background or music to create a story. Voice Threads created about important social topics could help increase knowledge about that topic. I would add Voice Thread to my educational section of my PLE. I have learned from other people providing their suggestions on how to make our presence online a positive one. By being courteous of other people online and never typing anything in anger as that could be used against us especially in the workplace scenario. Reading the scenarios in the technology use activity and discussing one in depth was a very good task as it allowed me to discuss in detail a specific scenario that is very common and a good thought to convey to my little sister.

So this week, I found that as a university student I have habits, some good and some bad. This year especially I have been on the mission to drink more water, so in January I started off with the goal to drink 4 L of water a week no matter what and come March I hit 5 L and a couple weeks later I have hit 7.5 L of water a week. So that was my attempt at being a bit healthy and I’m going strong at it, hoping to reach atleast 4L per day by then end of this year and by then (fingers crossed) that it will become a habit to drink tons of water. But this blog post talks about building good habits and breaking old ones. Comment and share what habits you guys have that you want to change or which new ones you want to start and how might you go about doing that.

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Weekly Session #9 Post A: Technology Use Scenario

We had to pick a scenario from the textbook where we discuss further how technology has been used in the negative approach:

I chose the following scenario: Sarah received a cell phone for her birthday. As with most cell phones, hers has the ability to take photos and video. During algebra class, she decides to take a picture of Ms. Everett, the substitute, while her back is turned to the whiteboard. When she gets home, she downloads the picture then uploads it to her Facebook site and talks about how boring class was. What are the issues?

Firstly, Sarah has done everything wrong in this scenario, she has used technology for the incorrect use where it hasn’t helped anyone learn anything or be better, it has only affected in the negative, something that could have easily been done another way. Sarah took a picture of a teacher and then posted it on the Internet, she probably did not know in this scenario that it is illegal to post someone’s personal picture to the Internet without his or her written consent. Even though the person’s face was not visible, it is still wrong. So Sarah can get in serious trouble for doing that and the next thing she did was talk negatively (in writing!!!) about her class. She could easily get suspended for doing so because not only is that disrespectful but it is also mean. If she thought that class was boring she could easily go speak to the teacher and perhaps suggest ideas to make class better. But to pick out issues and talk negatively and then not to suggest ideas to improve help no one. The only time we should be noting negative things is to suggest ways to improve. Also uploading pictures to Facebook can almost always be used in some way or other negatively against us, so I always stay away from Facebook and also from posting any pictures on the Internet. It is better to be cautious then to regret later.

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